My journey started when I closed my existing business and began working on my passion. It’s a family business, we take pride in our customer service and that along with our personal relationship with our clients, are two of the most important aspects we possess. Every Bride has a vision of her perfect day; my job is to make that a reality, so between the trust and relationship that is built up, along with my insight into her day, we share the same vision. Combining a Bride’s vision and my cinematic knowledge, the end result is a film full of preserved memories that can be enjoyed by future generations for many years to come.

Every wedding is unique and we strive to capture the Bride and Groom’s special moments by getting involved in their day, we are able to portray the laughter and heartfelt emotions of the day. We have a modern outlook on weddings, depicting our distinctive style along with those of the Bride and Groom’s. The creative approach we have for film, allows us to portray the artistic and finer details of your day in an elegant manner. Often we see moments that you may have missed or forgotten, your film will allow you to relive the precious memories of your wedding. Our commitment to you assures your story will be told in the entirety of its beauty.

Andre Foster

‘Your Vision, Your Day, Captured Forever’

E-Mail: Info@fsmediasolutions.com
TEL: 0208 764 7664

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