FS Media giving ” Top Tips ” for Wedding Magazine October issue


Our friends over at Ocean Media asked us to give us our top tips when hiring a Videographer. It was published in the October/ November issue of “Wedding” (see below). Now I’m sure your eager to find out what my top tip are so here they are.

Choosing your videographer

In order to establish a relationship with your Videographer you should have at least 2 meetings pre-wedding, this is so we know what you want out of your film and we get to know your personalities as we’re going to be spending your wedding day together!

Ask to see a full film and not just a Highlights or Trailer DVD. A short clip of a wedding will show the best moments made artistically and to a good piece of music. A Videographer’s full film could be boring, you never know!

Ask lots of questions. Don’t be afraid to ask about how we record sound during the ceremony, if we’re intrusive or discreet, do we film in HD and what kind of cameras are we using? This is all very important.

If you have a wedding rehearsal, tell your Videographer because we want to come too! This way we can meet your wedding party and Priest/Officiant, so they know what we’ll be doing on the day and we know what they want from us.
Your Videographer should scout out your venue before the wedding. This is useful for many reasons such as; we know where we’re going on the day-no surprises. We will know what specific shots we want at your venue and the staff at the venue will expect to see us at your wedding breakfast.

Going back to my first point, your Videographer should allow your input on your final film, for example the music you would like to be used, any special moments you want captured, particular family members you would like to be featured etc.

Having a good relationship with your Videographer is crucial, your film will last a lifetime so we need to get it right!

Andre Foster

Stand: H45 London Earls Court